Get your applications ready for DV 2019!

It's the time of the year again to get hyped and prepare yourself! 

Nope, it's not Christmas we are talking about. This is so much better. It is the Diversity Visa Lottery season again, where you are one step away from your American dream. 

For a quick overview, the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery for 2019, is a government mandated program where 50,000 diversity visas are to be given to 50,000 applicants (which will be drawn randomly). It sounds real easy right? However, most applicants lose their chance of being one of that 50,000 drawn winners even before the actual lottery itself because of their carelessness and lack of preparation devoted to the application process. An application form that is filed incorrectly goes straight to rejection whether you were drawn or not. If you want to have your fair chance of being drawn for the DV 2019, it is essential that you start preparing as early as now.

First, check if you are eligble for the DV 2019. Next, prepare all the documents and read as much as possible about the DV 2019 program. And third, mark your calendar on October 1 as that will be the start of the submission of the applications! Get informed as much as possible before filling out the application form as you cannot save it and you only are allowed to submit once. Once you have submitted it, that application is irrevocable.  

Did that have you pressured out? Do not worry if you are feeling nervous about filling out the application form. Our DV Lottery specialists are happy to help you out should you need assistance with your application. You can apply through us if you are really getting tensed with the actual application process. Good luck and hope you win this DV 2019 program!

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