What’s A Green Card Worth To You ?

If you are from and live in a developed country like New Zealand that enjoys a lot of economic freedom, and scores high in most if not all social and economic indicators. And if you love the weather there, and your passion is in an economic activity that is available to you right there in your backyard, then a green card is not worth much.

But if, like me , you are from an under developed country, with too much corruption, little economic freedom, few economic opportunities, much lower standard of living, then a Green Card is easily worth between $100,000 and a million dollars. Sometimes more than a million dollars.


I received my green cad in December 2003, and, in 2004, secured a job at Intel Corporation with a total compensation of approximately $100,000 a year. Which I held for over two and half years. Do the math on how much compensation I received. One of the questions I was asked at the interview for the job was about my status in the United States. US employers are required by law to discriminate in favor of US workers. US workers (and US nationals) means both US citizens and green card holders. Also, it costs a lot of extra money for employers to hire non US workers, which gives them an additional incentive to hire UR citizens and green card holders. Would I have gotten that job without a green card ? I will never know for sure.

When I became too sick to work, the US government gave me a disability income, and later an almost free health insurance. That paid me, while I wasn’t working, more than what 90% of people in other countries made working full time. Both required either US citizenship or a green card. I would have never gotten those if I never had a green card.

If you have an innovative high tech idea (and a green card or US citizenship), you can apply and have a good chance of getting from the US government a $100,000 grant to study its feasibility. That’s money you never have to pay back, whether your idea works or not. If the feasibility study shows promise, they will give you another three quarters of a million dollars to prototype a product using that idea. You still won’t have to pay back a penny from that money. And you will still get to keep 100% of any commercial success from it. Google SBIR and Small Business Innovative Research for more details. Check out also

When you add up all of the above, it will easily add up to over a million dollars. And a green card is the key that opens the door to that million dollars.

Your mileage may vary. Do your own calculation. Compare the opportunities in the United States of America to your own countries. Do the calculation over several years. From 2016 until the day your turn 75 (assuming you will retire at 75). Post the reasoning and the result in the comments section.

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