Diversity Visa Winner Shares His Success Story

It was Adrian Lucas Ecoffet’s first time, and fortunately, last in applying for a diversity visa. He started filling out in what he described as a tedious process that took him 30 minutes to complete. It also chilled his nerves. Just a single silly mistake, and that could cause his ineligibility. Still, he pushed through. For him, he must really win that dream visa and live the life he always dreamt of in U.S.A. That 2% chance of winning still guarantees him 2%. Ever since he was young, he really dreams of living in the U.S.A. He even hung a flag of it in his room which until now he brought into his apartment.


Then, came the judgement day, on May 1st. First thing he did upon waking was check his status and guess what, he was selected! At first, he got confused about the message that says that being selected does not mean he is guaranteed to get the visa because in simple terms, he is selected but is somewhat in the waiting list. You see, there are still forms to file and interviews to be attended to get the green card. So, he did not give up and he persevered to do all the hardships he need to do. As if it was destined, today, Adrian Lucas Ecoffet is already in the U.S.A., living as a legal resident and working at Quora. If there is a lesson that Adrian’s success story teaches us, that is do not let anything hold you back especially in attaining your goals and dreams in life.

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