What’s A Green Card Lottery Registration Worth To You ?

Assuming that there are no grounds for denying your green card, such as a serious criminal record, here is how to calculate that. First, determine what a green card is worth to you. Then, subtract $1,500. That’s approximately the total cost of various fees you will pay the United States government to get a green card, if and when you win the lottery. Multiply the result by the probability of winning the lottery.


When choosing the probability of winning the lottery, keep in mind that, in some cases, it’s best to use the country of birth of your spouse, or one of your parents, instead of your country of birth, as the country of chargeability. For example, if you were born in Egypt, a country that would give you less than half a percent odds of winning, it may be possible to use Australia (odds of winning of more than 5%). You would then multiply your chances of winning by a factor of more than 10. However, there are risks with that method, and you shouldn’t use it without first discussing it with a green card lottery expert from a registration service provider such as a United States DV Green Card Lottery Registration Service.

Now, do us all a favor. Perform the above calculation, and post it in the comments section.

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