Have you ever just thought of giving up in applying for the DV Lottery because you never get picked? After all the efforts you have put for the preparation, your application did not even get the chance of being drawn? Well worry no more because we will be guiding you step-by-step in the application process. 

This 20-minute video will aid you in submitting your Diversity Visa Lottery entry. It will explain everything down to the smallest of details so that you will not be confused. So say goodbye to your sweaty palms and shaky knees while answering the DV 2019 form! No more rejected Diversity Visa application. We got your back this time.

Felicitaciones! Congratulations Ecuadorians! After 9 years, Ecuador is finally eligible again to join the Diversity Visa Lottery. Prepare your documents and photographs and get yourself ready to apply for DV 2018. You might just be the next lucky Ecuadorian granted with a US Visa for this year's lottery.

On 2007, Ecuador was made ineligible for DV 2009 because of the lottery rule that territories are not allowed to join once more than 50,000 immigrants has been sent by it(territory) for the previous five years. However, the recent decline in Ecuadorian immigrants in the United States paved the way for their country to become eligible again for the Diversity Visa Lottery.

If you are not an Ecuadorian and your country is still ineligible, fret not. Who knows if your country will become eligible in the coming years just like Ecuador? So, keep your hopes up and just have your documents ready. For the Ecuadorians who are probably hyped right now with this news, below are some good pages that could help with your DV 2018 preparation and application.

It's the time of the year again to get hyped and prepare yourself! 

Nope, it's not Christmas we are talking about. This is so much better. It is the Diversity Visa Lottery season again, where you are one step away from your American dream. 

As many people are wanting to immigrate to the United States, other malevolent individuals tend to try to take advantage of this necessity. Since the immigration process is complex, many people try to seek for someone or some agency to help them. Unfortunately, the motives of some of these people or agencies are not to help them but rather to only gain money from them.

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