Bring Three and Yours is Free

We are offering a promo to those who had already paid the registration service fee.  You can have:

  • a 30% discounted registration service fee for one person
  • 60% discounted registration service fee for two persons
  • and a free registration for three persons

whom: you can bring over to use and fully pay our registration service; and doesn't request any refund or dispute any charge.  Persons you've referred who would request a refund or would dispute any charge but would end up receiving no refund or charge reversal are excluded from the count.

Obviously, this discount can only be applied the following DV year; after all the person/s you've referred had satisfied all the conditions stipulated above.

The persons you will refer should send their name and your email address to upon submission of our online registration form.

The discount can be reapplied multiple times, different Diversity Visa (DV) program years, if the persons you referred: again, purchased our registration service and doesn't request any refund or dispute any charge.

About DVLotteryStateGov.US

DVLotteryStateGov.US is a privately-owned company that is not in any way affiliated with the United States Government.

Our customers enjoy many benefits not available to people who apply the Green Card Lottery for free on the US Government website.