Key Dates and Notification

Here are some key dates that you might want to take note:

DV 2019 Dates of Deadlines

First day of filing October 4, 2017 (Usually around the first week of October)
Last day of filing November 7, 2017 (Usually 1 month after the first day of filing)
First day of online status checking May 2, 2018 (results are available for at least 2 months)
Last day of previous U.S. Fiscal Year September 30, 2018
First day of current U.S. Fiscal Year October 1, 2018
Winners interviews begin at U.S. Consulates and Embassies    October 1, 2018
Last day online status checking is available September 30, 2019
Last day to receive a permanent resident visa September 30, 2019
Last day of current U.S. Fiscal Year September 30, 2019
Last day to enter U.S. (6 months after receiving visa) March 31, 2020


You will be notified, as soon as possible, with updates corresponding to these dates in relation to the steps of your Diversity Visa application.

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